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Romans 12:11

"Never be lacking in ZEAL,

but keep your spiritual fervor,

serving the Lord."

We are the youth ministries of Calvary Chapel Fellowship church in St. Petersburg, FL. Our goal is to help youth understand who Jesus is, and what being a Christian is really all about. The Bible says we are to be disciples of Jesus Christ through studying the Bible, prayer, Christian friendship, and involvement in the Church. We do this at our weekly ZEAL meetings through teaching from the Bible, musical worship, fun activities, praying together, and talking amongst small groups about life. Our goal is to keep it real about Jesus and life as a Christian, knowing that as we do so, we will always keep it ZEAL.


ZEAL is based at our home church

Calvary Chapel Fellowship

CCF is a non-denominational Christian church focused on the teachings of the Bible, community of Christian believers and commission to love all people and spread the good news of forgiveness of sins and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

ZEAL School Of Minsitry
ZEAL School of Ministry (ZSOM) is a residential program designed for young adults (18+) who feel a call to ministry. Students will enroll in a curriculum that focuses on the Bible in correlation with the ministry of their calling whether that be Pastoral, Youth, Worship or AV. Students will learn practical life skills and engage in various forms of ministry such as serving, outreach, missions and more. This hands-on environment provides personal discipleship and practical church ministry opportunities. Students will have regular interactions with pastoral staff and church leadership with the intention of guiding them in their individual callings and giftings. For info and sign ups, visit www.ccfstpete.church/zsom
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